Marymount University Race And Ethnicity Discussion

Part 1: Initial Response

Watch the video, White Like Me [Length 5:55].Saturday Night Live. (2013, August 29). White like me – SNL. [Video file]. (Links to an external site.)

Search for an advertisement, or comic strip, or a television comedy, or a song, or a poetry that is aimed at making a social, political, economic, religious commentary on experiences on race and ethnicity (similar to the SNL skit; White Like Me).

Applying three concepts and definitions, analyze or interpret the material. Make sure to provide contexts (and or background story) and insights gained. Provide the link or image so that fellow students can access the material.

Concepts to define and apply: (for your consideration; feel free consider others)

Spotlighting, power, structural inequality, subordination, (in)justice, self image, sexuality, subculture, racialization, identity, (race/ethnic/ sex/gender) representation, characterization, media, parasocial contact hypothesis

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