Marymount University Blacks are not By Hebert Lingerie Poem Discussion

Why study popular culture, and by extension race relations in popular culture? This assignment will enable us to understand both the destructive ways popular culture serves as a means by which prejudice and hate are disseminated, and ways popular culture serves as a means by which racism and discriminated are presented for public discourse and consciousness raising.  


This module, we will take a look around us to find out how race and ethnic relations are exhibited, presented, and interpreted in popular culture to sow seeds of harmony or to sow seeds sow the seed of discord in society. Find a poetry, or song lyrics, or cartoon, or a movie clip, or a comedy about race/ethnic relations.

Drawing from this module’s reading material, utilizing relevant theory and related 4 concepts and definitions (note that each theory has its own set of relevant concepts), analyze your material to demonstrate insights gained.

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