LSU Shreveport Differences Between the Geocentric and Heliocentric Questions

Once you have looked over the study materials for this topic, answer the following questions:

1. Document 1 of 2 shows side-by-side the “ancient” map of the universe (a mix of the Aristotelian and Ptolemaic systems) and the new map proposed in 1543 by Polish astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. Just looking — don’t worry about translating the Latin — find TWO differences and TWO similarities between the maps. Explain them clearly.

2. Document 2 of 2 shows the charges the Catholic Church brought against the Italian astronomer, Galileo. According to the Church, what was Galileo guilty of? What do you think of these charges? (You may be interested to learn that the Church officially forgave Galileo in 1992, accepting that he had been correct).

3. Based on all the materials you have looked at for this topic, write a paragraph stating and explaining what you think the Scientific Revolution achieved, and why you think that was important.……

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