La Salle University Barcode Medication Administration Workflow Chart

  1. Create two (2) flowcharts for one nursing activity that you use in nursing practice that involves some aspect of informatics. A few examples may be Barcode Medication administration, patient discharge process in the EMR, etc. The topic can be ANYTHING that involves informatics. Typically speaking, there should be at least 8-10 steps in flowchart of this type for the “current state”.
    1. The first flowchart will document “current state”. What that means is, you will capture what is being done at this moment in practice. You can glean this information from your institutions policy and procedure, your own practice, or watching a colleague perform the activity.
    2. The second flowchart will document a proposed “future state”. Use the resources from the course or your own creative ingenuity, and create a novel way to perform the nursing activity that in some way enhances the process. For example, think about quality improvement . . . it could be using LEAN principles to remove unnecessary “waste” in the process to make it more efficient. Think about patient safety, what workarounds exist for your current process that could be eliminated in your future state. (These are just ideas . . . be creative!)

2. Provide a summary of the two workflow diagrams

  1. Compare and contrast the two processes. What does the future state offer that the current state lacke. The summary can be a written document of 1 page or less, using APA format and appropriate references and reference page.

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