HU Management Case Study Presentation

Request: This is a management work which consists of creating a presentation which answers the questions. I attached 3 documents which you must use:

1. Case Guideline – here you will find the guideline for the task and the rubric.

2. Case – This is the case study which you must read and based on which you will write the presentation.

3 Case Questions- these are the questions which you must answer in your work.

Create a ppt. file to talk about the work done with a script for the presentation equivalent to 2500 words. In other words, the slides should include the most important information which you will approach in APA Style ( 6 lines per slide, each of 6 words) which is relevant to the topic, while the speaker notes should be in detail. All the total speaker notes together should be equal to a minimum of 2500 words (excluding cover and reference part). There is no mentioned number of slides for the ppt,but it should include the following:

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