Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Population Health Program Essay

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Click on the links listed under each organization and review the population health initiative as it pertains to addressing care or case management, using the five attributes listed below for each of them. All of the population health management initiatives listed below met all five of the key attributes.

Then, write about how they met two attributes of your choosing. Write one paragraph (4-5 sentences) for each attribute. You will have six paragraphs in total (2 x 3).

Five Attributes of Effective Care: 

Explain how each population health initiatives met two of the five attributes of effective care management.

  1. Target populations prioritized by risk factors
  2. Defined care team roles matched to population needs
  3. Deployment model that maximizes staff time, patient management
  4. Clear patient assignment methodology
  5. Patient management standards for outreach and graduation

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