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One way to validate the information from SQL queries or reports is to use the order by clause function (SQL World, 2021). This function can sort the field of interest by alphabetical order, numerical order, and much more to ensure that all the information is present and accurate. Another way that information can be validated from SQL queries or reports is to have more training on how to properly set up and check these types of queries or reports. There also potentially could be another person who looks over a query so that there is a second set of eyes making sure all of the information is valid.  Raw data would be better to utilize at the beginning of setting up a query since this information is the baseline for how the rest of the query or report will go.  The best way to present this retrieved information would be to have tables since this is the most organized and easy-to-understand type of representation in my opinion.  

Amit, S. (2021, June 26). What are sql queries for data validation? SQL WORLD – Parse, Bind, Optimize, Execute. https://www.complexsql.com/what-are-sql-queries-fo…


In health care ways to validate reports and assure accuracy in results obtaining data quality initiatives , such as data profiling and master data management software. “”Maintaining measurements of dirty data, a data governance structure that is responsible data quality, implementation of tools and processes to ensure future data quality, and definition of data quality standards with business goals. DBMS assists with many situations from shared records better known as dirty data into interpretation and presentation of raw data into information. Distribution of data and information to the right at the right time. Data preservation and monitoring data usage for adequate periods of time. Then control over data duplication and usage internally and externally “(Coronel,2017).

Coronel,C., & Morris, S.( 2017). Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and management (13th ed.). Cenage. ISBN13:9781337627900 //https://www.gcu.edu


There are a number of ways to validate information generated by SQL queries starting with ensuring the data in the database is valid and correctly entered into the proper place by referencing the data dictionary (Coronel & Morris, 2017). Confirming data relationships as portrayed by the ERD will assist structuring the SQL query to obtain a valid result. Using SQL syntax checks are other way to ensure a properly written SQL query. Examples of these include EverSQL, Solarwinds Database and SQL Fiddle (Fatima, 2020). One suggestion to verify a query is to run table row counts against the raw data count ( Turley, 2020). An example of this is comparing the number of sales for the month in and compare this number to the raw data extracted from the database.

When choosing the format to present the retrieved information, the type of information dictates the most appropriate method to present (In, Lee, 2017). Tables are easy to understand and can present quantitative and qualitative data while bar graphs or diagrams are best used to compare similar data over time. Raw data, if used, is best presented in tables. If only one or two points of information are to be given, then written text is appropriate in this case ( In, Lee, 2017).


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