External Cascading Style Sheet and External Hyperlink HTML Coding Project

Hi i need someone to build me a website using HTML Tutorial and repl.it and then validate it using W3 markup the website about lion and just put some pictures and creat a page 

the website should be similar to HTML Tutorial (Links to an external site.).

also the requirements are

An HTML5 document is created with the main page named as index.html.

A second HTML5 document is created and named about.html.

The index.html and about.html are linked to each other correctly.

Basic HTML5 tags including <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body> are correctly used in both pages.

An external hyperlink <a href> to an acceptable site on the Internet is used correctly.

The image <img src> tag links correctly to an image within one of the web pages.

Paragraph tags <p> are used correctly

At least one heading tag (<h1> </h1>, <h2> </h2>) element is used correctly.

An external Cascading Style Sheet named style.css, with CSS elements should include the following

apply a background color to the web page

apply an appropriate color to the heading elements.

create a class specifying a font style and color–and apply it correctly.

Make certain that your index.html and about.html files link to the style.css CSS sheet correctly.

The content in your web page is unique meaning you are not using the same text, colors, and images used in the example tutorial

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