EmbryRiddel Aeronautical University The Future of Aviation Systems Safety Discussion

Based on the reading for this module, we have seen how the evolution of industry, specifically the introduction of computers into industry, caused a major change in systems safety. As computer controlled robots were introduced into the aircraft manufacturing industry, something had to be done to analyze the possible effects of a software malfunction. If a robot put a weld in the wrong place or the weld wasn’t done thick enough, it could have disastrous consequences. From this came the Software Hazard Analysis.

Also in the reading, you saw where NASA is making a conscious decision to evolve their systems safety practices as they move forward. As we saw in Module 6, there were two major losses during the space shuttle program. NASA is now in a move to put a person on Mars at some point in the near future. This increases the risks exponentially over just putting people in orbit or on a space station. They cannot afford to have flaws in the systems they use to make that happen.

Considering the future of the aviation or space industry, what do you think the next shift in systems safety will be? In other words, what area in aviation (including space travel) do you think will cause the next “new technique” in systems safety and why?

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