Cuyamaca College Emergency Capital Investment Program Paper

As a social worker, it is within the ethics of NASW that you are involved in civic participation and will maintain up-to-date on all benefits for the community that you serve, and that you share information with your social work peers (e.g. me sharing this resource with you now). Seen here from the UC Berkeley podcast called Berkeley Talks (hosted by the Department of Public Affairs) hosted labor attorney Bill Sokol, who reviewed the US government’s social policy response to the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the economy line-by-line. 

In preparation for the midterm, where your will solely write a paper on a program that you create from your own research as a solution to a social problem,  I suggest you review the welfare programs recently created or evolved by the US Treasury that support many of the communities you have all chosen to focus on. Also I attached the PDF of the American Rescue Plan or here is the link to the US Treasury website (Links to an external site.). Feel free to discuss in your small groups to sort-out what specific welfare program could or is helping your chosen community. 

Remember: when you are searching for a solution to a problem Follow the Money! Feel free to use these as references in your midterm, or final paper assignments. 

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