CUNY Lehman College Communications Public Speaking Questions

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1. Why are fear and nervousness beneficial to the speaker? (Provide at least 7 sentences)

2. How can a speaker reduce excessive tension before a speech? Include techniques you have used both before, and in presenting, your speeches. (Provide at least 10 sentences)

3. What are some advantages and disadvantages of using visual aids in a speech presentation? Provide information on types of visual aids and specific examples of how they can be used in presentations. (Provide at least 10 sentences)

4. Why is an outline recommended for all speeches? Be specific and provide examples. (Provide at least 7 sentences)

5. Why is eye contact so important in a speech? What are some effective uses of gestures during a speech? Why is knowledge of international body language gestures important to know, when giving a speech or presentation? (Provide at least 12 sentences)

6. In a speech to motivate action, why should you try to get listeners to take action immediately? Provide at least 2 examples from your presentations, or where you have been a member of the audience. (Provide at least 12 sentences)

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