Baylor University Child Welfare Annotated Bibliography

using the attached file find the example. write one using the references list on the paper attached. if you’d like to take information from the paper itself you can do so. below are the references to use.References

Hacsi, T. (2017). From indenture to family foster care: A brief history of child placing. In A history of child welfare(pp. 155-173). Routledge.

Kwan, C. K. (2021). Helping people with disabilities in the workplace: Mezzo-level interventions targeting corporate culture. Social work, 66(4), 339-347.

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Saju, M. D. (2018). Family social work and the holistic development of children with mental health problems: Validation of an intervention model. Rajagiri Journal of Social Development, 10(2), 51-64.

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