Ashford University Week 7 Crisis Communication Discussion

Week 7 Discussion 1: Reflection and Shared Practice

Crisis communication is a critical component of an organization’s communication strategy. The event requires leaders and managers to effectively communicate with both internal and external stakeholders. Along similar lines of communication are bad news messages. In both scenarios, the news being communicated does not change. A potentially negative event is occurring or has occurred. However, the delivery of the message determines how the audience responds.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

  • Bies, R. (2012). The 10 commandments for delivering bad      news [Post]. Retrieved from
  • Dortok, A. (2006). A managerial look at the interaction      between internal communication and corporate reputation. Corporate      Reputation Review, 8(4), 322–338, 265.
  • Nätti, S., Rahkolin, S., & Saraniemi, S. (2014).      Crisis communication in key account relationships. Corporate      Communications, 19(3), 234–246.
  • Thiessen, A., & Ingenhoff, D. (2011). Safeguarding      reputation through strategic, integrated and situational crisis      communication management. Corporate Communications, 16(1),      8–26. doi:10.1108/13563281111100944

Post a cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience.

Conduct an Internet search to find information on an unsuccessful example of crisis management: Ford, Firestone, Exxon, BP oil spill, Japan’s nuclear reactors, Toyota, Wells Fargo scandal, Apple’s iPhone, or another of your choosing. Select the crisis you will be discussing (no more than two students should be discussing the same crisis), and be sure to address ALL the following:

  • Provide a brief synopsis of the event.
  • Discuss whether and to what extent the communication      was effective. Be sure to include what type of communication medium(s)      were used. Was the news delivered in a timely manner?
  • Referring back to Weeks 4 and 5 reading material,      explain how the communication differed for internal and external      audiences.
  • Reflect on your personal experience during crisis      communication, giving or receiving bad news.

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