American History At the Dark End of the Street Essay

Danielle McGuire’s At The Dark End of the Street upends the myth of Rosa Parks that paints her as the virtuous hero that started the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In McGuire’s telling, Parks – and Recy Taylor – become steadfast activists against the racialized sexual violence that Black women endured.

In this essay, you are to reflect on the traditional Civil Rights narrative that we learn in grade school and high school, compare that story to McGuire’s reinterpretation, and consider what we lose in reducing the role of Parks and other Black women and silence this radicalism.

Your essay should not simply summarize McGuire’s work, but evaluate it in the context of the mainstream story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and make an argument about the ways we tell history.

Your essay should be 1,000-1,200 words.  You are to offer a clear argument at the beginning of your paper, and support your thesis with direct evidence from the text.  Cite all evidence to avoid charges of plagiarism.  Primary voice (“I”) is not permitted.

Danielle McGuire’s At The Dark End of the Street  is attached. You can use other credible outside sources to make your points.

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