PSY Assignment Six

Answer four (4) of the following questions. Answer each question in a carefully prepared essay of 300 to 500 words (one to two typed pages, double-spaced). Use specific examples to illustrate your points, but do not merely copy information from the textbook. Creative thinking and your own wording are important aspects of an effective answer. When you have completed the assignment, proofread your answers for correct grammar, spelling, etc., and be certain you have answered the questions completely.

  1. Respond to the following.
    1. Define the fundamental attribution error and explain how it distorts social perception.
    2. Describe the effect of cognitive dissonance on behavior and attitude change.

  1. Define conformity, and summarize Solomon Asch’s experiment and conclusions.

  1. Summarize the major types of psychological disorders.

  1. Describe the differences between psychodynamic therapies and behavioral therapies and provide examples for each


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