Job Pricing Case Study

Read the scenario presented in Exercise 3 located towards the end of this week’s readings. Respond to the question, “What would you do to prepare for the meeting you are to have in two weeks with the compensation manager and the plant manager to discuss this situation?” by creating a brief, 5-10 slide, PowerPoint presentation that explains how you would justify the increased salaries.


Be thorough in your explanation. If you would statistically analyze the situation, explain what statistics you would calculate. If you would conduct a survey, it is not enough to say “I would conduct a survey”. Explain what type of survey, what information you would hope to find, and how you would use that information, once you found it, to justify the increased salaries. If you would refute their data, explain why it would not be valid.

You may find it helpful to review the section of this week’s reading on “Reporting Data to Management”.

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