Ideally, I would like to see demonstration of eclectic interests and the ability to place our common work within a broad context of life.  We do not practice business in a vacuum; likewise, we should not learn about entrepreneurship in a vacuum.  I value quality much more than quantity in our discussions and in written work.  By “quality” I mean a combination of imagination, logic, and connection to other readings, topics, work problems, current events, and so on.


Business school is a rare time in your life when you have the chance to study, freely consider, and discuss great ideas.  A chance to do something creative that you can be proud of.  In our case, we can apply are high-concept ideas related to business guidance in an uncertain world.  It isn’t often that we can have this kind of yeasty and fertile discussion with like-motivated persons of the highest caliber – persons from whom we can learn.


Time for you to consider one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the past century.


Using what we have learned in the course thus far about entrepreneurship, competition, competitive advantage and the ways companies compete (cost vs. differentiation), industry forces, you will answer one of several questions in a single essay about the modern entrepreneur as exemplified in the remarkable life of Steve Jobs.  These questions will be provided in week 3 of the course.



Individual Paper:  Please break your paper up with boldface section headings so that I can follow your organization and reasoning.  This paper is between 3-4 pages (800-1000 words), 12-point Calibri font with 1-inch margins all around, double-spaced.  You turn this paper in to me electronically as an MS Word attachment on Blackboard email.  No padding or fluff, please.  Make every word count and tell me what you think about the chapter, carefully considered.  It gives you a chance to receive detailed feedback mid-course.

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