Human sexuality assignment

Answer three of the four following questions.

1) Contraception Search: 

Find out how easy or how embarrassing it is to buy over-the-counter contraceptives at the store.  Write a page summary of your experience including internal feelings, helpfulness of the store clerk, and factors that would have made this harder, easier, or more or less embarrassing.  How do you think this affects the rate at which people use contraceptive devices?


2) Contraceptive Comparisons:

Please fill in the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of the following types of Contraceptive Methods



Type of Contraception

Main Advantages

Main Disadvantages

Latex Condoms






Hormonal Pills















Vaginal Foam








3) Multicultural Perspective:

There is a psychiatric disorder found in several Asian cultures called Koro.  A man with this disorder believes that his penis is shrinking and will ultimately disappear, resulting in his death.  (Some women in these cultures held the same belief about their labia or breasts).  An additional symptom may include seeing ghosts of the dead who have no penises and the belief that these spirits will steal penises from the living.  Men who have this belief have a strong desire to physically hold onto their penises to prevent their retraction.  


How do you think this belief might have originated?  Do you see any similarities between this disorder and American cultural concerns about penis size?  



Do some research to find out a bit more information on Koro to help explain your answers to the questions mentioned above.   

4) Societal Attitudes:

Watch a movie that has a gay character in a lead or important role.  Write a 1-page review of the movie based on the following guidelines:

Briefly describe the movie’s plot

Describe the lead characters, focusing on the physical and personality characteristics.

Were there any sex-role stereotypes?  If so, what were they?

Do you think the lead characters would make good parents?  Why or why not?

What was the underlying moral depicted in the movie?


What type of audience do you feel this movie should target? Why?



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