Developmental Parenting Paper DUE ASAP

Developmental Parenting Paper

Write a paper on any stage of Childhood Development that interests you (birth to age two, 2-5 years old, elementary school, early adolescence, etc.  Please address these issues:

 1-      Why is childhood development important to understand when it comes to parenting?

 2-      Describe and give examples of effective parenting techniques for this developmental stage.
 3-      In your opinion, what are the most challenging behaviors of this stage? (a way to state this without using the word “I” might look like ” Many may feel   
the most challenging behaviors are…..”    )

4- Explain how you (or any parent) can apply the parenting techniques/styles from the books to those challenging behaviors. 
5- What do you think is the most important aspect/concept and/or theory of the stage you chose and why? ( a way to write this without using the word “I” could start like ” Perhaps the most important aspect……”
Your conclusion should summarize your paper as well as answer:  What is the most interesting thing you learned from writing this paper and why? 
Remember-  with all APA papers- you will need to use third person only, and, I will need to see an abstract please!

This paper will be a minimum of 3-5 pages long, not including title and reference pages. APA format required.  Your text book could be a source  for this paper along with other scholarly source (s).  You may not use Psychology Today, Redbook, Wikipedia, WebMD or similar sources for your material. This paper must be submitted as an attachment. This is in MS word or RTF format ONLY.





Possible grade

Student grade

The paper addresses the issues specified by the assignment



The author shows insight and sophistication in thinking and writing



Two academic citations were used



Paper was well organized and easy to follow. Paper was the required length. Cover page, paper body, citations and Reference list were in the American Psychological Association format.



Few to no spelling, grammar, punctuation or other writing structure errors








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