Carrying Capacity for herd of deer needs graph and write up

The entire guidance for the project is listed below. You will need to cite sources and grammar and spelling count. I do not have the raw data. You’ll need to find that. If you choose to bid on this assignment please give me a VERY short message stating that you understand the project and are actually capable of it. I would estimate it will take you approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete. 


Project 2: Carrying Capacity. In 1906, the US Forest Service began protecting a herd of deer on a 300,000 hectare range on Arizona’s Kaibab Plateau. In previous years the Kaibab forest area had been overgrazed by cattle, sheep and horses. Graph the Forest Service’s data on the size of the herd over time, and indicate the carrying capacity on your graph. Based on an analysis of your graph describe a) the relationship of the deer herd to the carrying capacity, b) the effects on the herd of various actions taken by the Forest Service from 1907-1920, c) the lessons-learned by the U.S. Forest Service between 1905-1939.

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