This is the tomb of Cyrus the Great at Pasargadae, Iran, the site of the great capital of Cyrus the Great.


Read the Cyrus cylinder (along with the notes on Cyrus the Great and the study questions) and answer the following question in a paragraph:

Citing specific evidence from the Cyrus Cylinder (not the textbook), what were the main features of ideal kingship according to Cyrus?

Your paragraph should be about one-half page in length, double-spaced with one-inch margins, font size 10 or 12; it should contain a concise topic sentence (sentence 1) that directly responds to the assigned question (no need to define terms or cite a dictionary), and you should use direct, quoted material to support your points.  Your last sentence should be a conclusion. You may consider sending a draft of your assignment to your instructor for feedback before submitting the assignment for a grade.
Please take a moment to review all of my support materials in Charlie’s History Writing Center for additional information on the writing requirements for the assignments in the course.
Your assignment should be submitted on Blackboard. 

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