A famous proverb says:  “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”   This proverb reflects that traditional notion that good health is related to healthy food.  Write a 4 paragraph essay about the cause and effect relationship of  nutrition and health.  Is there a special kind of food or beverage in your country or culture that people consume regularly for good health?  For example, many people eat carrots for the benefit to their eyesight.  Eating carrots is the CAUSE and good eyesight is the EFFECT.    

First paragraph:  introduction = give a general background on notions of health in your country/culture;  then declare your specific food product (either something to drink or eat) and give some background information on it’s origin.

2nd paragraph:  talk about the first effect of your food product;  be specific;  give details on one way that this food benefits your health.

3rd paragraph:   talk about another effect of your food product;  give example, evidence and explanations about how is is beneficial to consume it;  you may also talk about how the product is prepared for consumption. 

4th paragraph:   Conclusion = final commentary;  your opinion about this food and some sentimental observation. 

GRADE:   50 points -format (12pt, double-spaced, indented paragraphs) Grammar, spelling and punctuation   50 points – content (examples, details and support for main idea)

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