English Homework

  1. Response Paper

    Craft an analytical paper based on the reading. Focus on what you found to be the strongest elements that help you answer the questions below.

    On page 40, David McCreery writes that “the tumulto itself stemmed less from aspirations to political independence than from demands for relief from the abuses of the Crown and of Indian officials.” What evidence does the author provide to argue that the Indian revolt lead by Atanasio Tzul and Lucas Aguilar was about local concerns rather than a call for independence from Spain? Do you agree that the crowing of Atanasio Tzul as “king” was not an act of defiance and protest against King Ferdinand and the regime of Spanish colonialism? Why or why not? Papers should be 1 1⁄2 to 2 pages in length, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and typed in 11pt. or 12pt. font. Papers may not exceed 2 pages. The strongest essays will begin with a specific argument related to the topic and develop themes and specific, concrete examples that support and illustrate that thesis. Papers with quoted material and lacking footnotes will receive a ZERO. Footnotes should be formatted according to Chicago Style. If you are unfamiliar with Chicago-style citation, we have full access to the digital Chicago Manual of Style through the library’s website. Search for “Chicago Manual of Style online” in the library catalog.


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