Please read Chapter 3 Discussion Case: “Timberland’s Corporate Social Responsibility- under New Ownership” (pg. 65-66) and provide responses to the following questions below.  Also view the discussion case support video.

Using the concepts presented in Chapter 3 as well as the facts presented in this case, provide a one (1) paragraph response to each of the following five questions and respond to two (2) of your classmate’s posts:

  1. Based upon the facts presented in this case as well as from viewing the support video, does the concept of the iron law of responsibility apply here? Why or why not?
  2. Timberland has what many believe to be a spotless reputation that lends to an enlightened self-interest (Pg. 52).  In your opinion, does this enlightened self-interest appear to be genuine or a manipulation to simply enhance its image?  
  3. According to our text on Pg. 58, critics argue that the entire idea of corporate social responsibility is misguided and states, “Therefore it is wrong to talk about the social responsibility of business when it its social responsibility of individual business persons that is involved.  If individual business managers want to contribute their own personal money to a social cause, let them do so; but it is wrong for them to contribute their own company’s funds in the name of corporate social responsibility.”  In your opinion, is Timberland justified in requiring employees to participate in events such as Serv-a-Palooza?  
  4. Provide one (1) argument for and one (1) argument against Timberland’s social responsibility initiatives.
  5. If you were an executive of VF Corporation, would you support continuation of these initiatives? Why or why not?

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