Zoom is a collaboration tool that can supports remote collaborative work. As Giaquinto elaborates, “The cloud-based video conferencing service offers video, and audio conferencing, cat, collaboration and webinars” (nod). The advantages of using zoom when working remotely are its ease of use and varied affordability. The zoom platform is easy to use. To initiate a meeting on the platform, one logs on to zoom website and selects “Host a meeting” and they are presented with a choice of commencing with video on or off.  On is also able to schedule a meeting by filling a form in basic details. After scheduling a meeting, the use can share it invite members to meet with through yahoo calendar, Google, or outlook. There are options of putting the cameras on or off. There is also the option of enabling the meeting to be recorded and setting up a waiting room. The various options available are clear.

Zoom is considered affordable since it offers various plans that suite the user’s needs. there is a free land where up to 100 users are allowed per call. The users or participants of the meeting can end one 40-minute video call and get into another 40-minute one immediately. There is also a plan that costs $15 a month and allows up to 100 users per call. For this package, there is no limit with regard to the time duration of the meeting. Another plan costs 420 per month That requires between 10 to 300 hosts per call. There is a plan allowing up to 5000 users per call and another 1000 users per call (Giaquinto, n.d).

The disadvantages of working remotely with zoom are the need to download an App and poor video standard. Zoom does not have a HD video quality. it only supports 720p for the speaker. Currently, users expect a HD video quality as the standard. To use zoom, one must download its app. This usually results to delayed or rescheduled meetings. To avoid such inconveniences, the meeting attendants have to prepare themselves earlier for the meetings.


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