10 Essential KSAO’s for Structured Interview

Part 1: Use a job description from your dream job or one for your current job to create 10 essential KSAO’s for a structured interview. Nothing should he taken word for word, KSAO’s must be created based on the job description) Part 2: Now that you have your list of essential KSAO’s, the next step is to actually write questions that will use those tapped KSAO’s. write two examples of each type of interview question making sure you cover all of the essential KSAO’s you listed in part 1. The following are the question types you must cover: Clarifiers Disqualifiers Skill level determiner Future focused (situational) Past focused (behavioral) Organization fit template: Title of Paper KSAOs for Bookkeeper • List your ten KSAOs for the sample job description, or your current or previous job. • They should be a bulleted list • Make sure to cite where needed in the paper, all KSAO’s and Interview Questions should have citations. Interview Questions Clarifiers 1. 2. Disqualifiers 1. 2. Skill Level Determiner 1. 2. Future Focused 1. 2. Past Focused 1. 2. Organizational Fit 1. 2.