#1 Healthcare Strategies

Individual Project  4-6 pages



Assume that you have been hired as a consultant for a skilled nursing facility to help with its strategic planning process. The organization has never made a strategic plan, and many of the employees are resistant to take part in the process. They have hired you to help walk them through the process and guide them through each step. Before you can begin the process, you will need to plan out how you will guide them through it.

  • Identify and discuss how you will prepare the nursing facility’s staff to go through the strategic planning process.
    • For example, who will you involve, and what steps will they take, etc.?
  • In addition, what will you say to them to get them to understand the importance of the strategic planning process?

Please submit your assignment.




Discussion Board 3-4 paragraphs


One of the most skipped steps in the strategic planning process is the evaluation phase. Assume that you work for a hospital that has just implemented its 5-year strategic plan and the plan has been in effect for 1 year.

  • What do you feel is the most appropriate way to evaluate this plan, and what time frame would you use for evaluation? Why?
  • Is the valuation and control process appropriate for a healthcare organization that emphasizes creativity? Are control and creativity compatible? What is an example of a creative venture for the typical acute care hospital?


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